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Today, Cruisers Motorsports is quietly rebuilding some of the baddest, most street worthy muscle cars in the world, as well as high performance trucks, and late model vehicle updates and repairs. With legions of loyal customers, including the “Pontiac gang”, a group of TransAm and GTO enthusiasts, The team at Cruisers is equally adept at hand tuning a four-barrel carburetor as well as turbo charging, super charging and electronic vehicle tuning. There is diversity and deep expertise here that is rare in todays world of relying on computer tuning and machine diagnostics.

Says Angelo Benevendo, who recently had his classic 1973 TVR 2500 v8 conversion work compled at Cruisers Motorsport,

“The car is way beyond my expectations, I’m having a hard time wiping the smile off my face just thinking about it”.

6 comments on “About Cruisers Motorsports
  1. Scott says:

    I bought an aftermarket fog light setup and was wondering if you guys could install them. Please get back to me. I have a 2010 GMC Terrain. Thanks

  2. Jon Zogg says:

    Perhaps you can help me…
    In December I purchased a TVR (‘2500M’), that was photographed in front of your shop some time ago, with a Ford 302 (w/ chrome manifold, valve covers and 4 bl carb) and T5 transmission installed.
    It is white with Shelby-like blue strips. Do you know this car?
    Did you do any work on it? Did you install the engine?
    I’m excited with my purchase (which runs extremely well!) and want to learn more… and anything you can tell me would be helpful.
    Best regards,
    Jon Zogg

  3. Billy says:

    i love louis’ work. he’s the best of the best. GO SEE LOUIS AT CRUISERS MOTORSPORTS!

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